Ferrari’s 812 Superfast is an automobile that exceeds all motoring-related superlatives and leaves them wilting forlornly in its wake. It is the most powerful GT to come out of Maranello. It is also Ferrari’s best-performing V12… ever, and (may we suggest) the most fun to drive. It also looks the business. On a recent visit to Dubai, our Zeina Mokaddam got behind the wheel and put the Superfast through its urban-paces.

The 812 (eight-hundred cv, twelve-cylinder) Superfast is the physical embodiment of a collection of supremely impressive automotive figures. But, beyond its 800cv, 340kmh, maximum power at an ear-splitting 8,500rpm, and 0-100 kmh in 2.9 seconds (if you want to learn more about these, click here), this is a motor car that sparks raw human emotions.

Drawing on a direct lineage from the F12 berlinetta, the 812 Superfast appears every inch a Ferrari waiting to pounce. With racetrack pedigree, and built for crossing continents, how would it feel on Dubai’s urban thoroughfares, highways, city streets, and mall car parks?

“Like a dream”, reports our Zeina.

“There’s no mistaking the edge of power that remains at your fingertips through its super-slick gear-shifts, and through the soles of your feet… rarely have I experienced a sensation of ‘readiness’ while driving a car as I did with the Superfast. It heightens the driver’s senses.

“Not every supercar is an eager companion on a short journey from office to shops. Yet the Superfast takes every journey in its stride – and is a somewhat more practical drive than you might imagine – once you get past the absolute size of the car. You’ll quickly get used to judging those ever-so-slightly hidden corners though.

“Ferrari’s front-engined V12 berlinettas have always offered an excess of interior comfort, and the Superfast takes everything up a notch – it bubbles with luxury (leather and other materials are the finest) as well as comfort. It’s a two-seater, but both driver and passenger are treated to the same luxury and acres of space.

“The standard sound system in Ferrari 812 Superfast is quite exceptional – I know, I put it to the test. But, for those looking for extra watts and even higher clarity, Ferrari offers an uber-high premium system.

“Despite its latent power, there’s no sense of urgency from the Superfast – until you want there to be. For sure, there’s no quicker way to get from one traffic light to the next, but that’s not the true essence of this car. Take it outside the city, and the Superfast rips off its cloak of respectability and reveals every one of its 789 horsepower.

“Incredibly confidence inspiring with its sure-footedness, precise steering and powerful brakes, there are few better ways of raising the heartrate than with a heavy right foot in an 812 Superfast. The bright yellow and black Ferrari logo in the center of the steering wheel, an increasingly blurred line of street-lighting, and the ever louder roar of the V12 as you shift through the gears combine to ensure that…

“It’s a head-turner too, of course. It is a Ferrari afterall… and then some…”

What more is there to know?

See: Penned by the Ferrari Styling Centre, the car’s exceptional performance is underlined by its sporty lines and proportions. Seen in silhouette, the 812 Superfast has a fastback sleekness: a two-box design with a high tail reminiscent of the glorious 365 GTB4 of 1969. A shorter tail delivers a sense of the power and aggression of its imposing V12.

Hear: With thrilling top-end performance as befits Ferrari’s noble V12 heritage – the engine’s power is underscored by a full, rich exhaust sound that exploits the acoustic clout delivered by its increased displacement.

Touch: It’s a supercar with super comfort. A long way down to slide into, but the sizeable cabin has a sporty, radical look. It reflects thoroughbred racing eagerness and lean elegance. The horizontal dash loops stylishly around the central air vents for a sophisticated, sculptural look. New, more sporty and ergonomic seats are comfortable for the long haul, and superb for a shorter drive across the city limits. Infotainment is superb, as are the powerful air-conditioning units.

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