From a very young age, Dubai-based Lebanese artist Nassif was aware of her orientation towards visual arts. Her notebooks were filled with a proliferation of sketches, artistic fonts, and vivid colours. She took (and continues to take) pleasure in finding beauty in everything. Her eyes and mind have become accustomed to admiring and analysing details, colours, and textures. 

Coco Karl by Suzi Nassif

The artist insists it was destiny that led her to follow her artistic dream – wherever they might take her – and is greatly inspired by the writer Paulo Coelho’s quote: “When you want something, the entire Universe conspires to help you to achieve it”. 

Che Frida by Suzi Nassif

Innovative diversification is the cornerstone of her art oeuvres. From black and white to vivid colours, mild to sharp and sassy strokes, and different styles and mediums, her paintings tell a unique story with deep emotional echoes. 

Dalimmortal by Suzi Nassif

In the words of Picasso: “Painting is a blind man’s profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen”. 

What they say:

“PARADOX” is the latest Suzi Nassif’ exhibition specially created for her New York’s debut. The exhibition is about connecting the past with the present, right with wrong, old with new. Each painting tells a different story whilst famous masters are portrayed in different life situations in today’s world and the perception of the same intention but at different times. Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo were the masters of self- portrait, but if they have lived in today’s world, would they be narcissistic social media users taking selfies? These are the questions we can only raise and wonder “What If”. [Contemporary Art Curator]

The Colors of Iris by Suzi Nassif

“We are so proud of our collaborations with Suzi Nassif. Her artistic flair and captivating use of canvases fits in seamlessly with COYA’s spirit; so much so, that she is the only artist who has been invited to show her art pieces at three different COYA locations: COYA Dubai, COYA Mayfair and COYA Miami”. [Cedric Toussaint, Director of Operations, COYA Dubai]