We’ve brought together ten of our favorite ‘go-to’ global Instagrammers. When we’re looking for a little men’s style inspiration, these are where we head to satiate our sartorial hunger…

@menwithclass With close to five million followers, and host of celebrity collabs, this is the place to go for an on-trend yet eclectic mix of styles.

@jimchapman Instagrammer and YouTuber Jim Chapman lays bare his private life as well as his attitude to style. Entertaining, and informative.

@greyfoxblog If you’re looking for top life and style guidance for the classically informed gentleman, then the feed of Brit David Evans is the place to go. Great online blog, and plenty of Land Rovers and Labradors in the countryside too.

@highfashionmen “Do well, live well, and dress really well” is the by-line for the feed. Aimed at the massive youthful and style-conscious sector of society. But everyone can steal a few ideas.

@bloggers_boyfriend Well-traveled, well-styled, well-shot. Fashion weeks and street style. Photographed by Kurt Dacheng Ji. Great online blog, news, and advice.

@sharpgrids Outfit inspiration. If you like your clothing flat-lay, then @sharpgrids is where it’s at. Almost 2,500 posts – and heading towards infinity. An inspiration overload.

@menwithstreetstyle Younger brother to @menwithclass. Wanting to dress down a little but still look the business? MW Street Style keeps the look sharp.

@hypebeast Almost 8 million followers can’t all be wrong. The feed covers style and popular culture. Where else would you find James Bond, a 1975 Ferrari, and Nipsey Hussle sharing post-time as near neighbors?

@gq Because… well, they remain the style arbiters of the contemporary man

@thesartorialist Scott Schuman started the whole Instagram #style revolution. If you’re above a certain age, for sure you have a copy of his book (remember books?) ‘The Sartorialist’ on your nightstand. Great value in following his posts.

Curated by Simon Balsom