At the heart of [Kuwaiti artist] Tamara Al-Samerraei’s new research, there is an object. Or rather, the idea of an object; a form which has shifted from the realm of the real to become an obsession, where the origin of this shape is of little importance. It could as well be a box, a rock or a pile of waste, but above all, it is the way in which it has been absorbed and digested by the artist, the process of revelation that should interest us. From this forgotten artifact, the artist draws the essence of a new series of work.

(Loïc Le Gall – for Marfa Projects) 

Main work above: Tamara Al Samerraei – Sleeping Figure, 2018, acrylic on canvas,137x104cm

Tamara Al Samerraei – Offering, 2018, acrylic on canvas,197x147cm


Tamara Al Samerraei – Night Shrub, 2018, acrylic on canvas,108x106cm