The history of McLaren Special Operations (MSO) is unique. Officially MSO was launched at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 2011 to provide a bespoke personalisation service for McLaren customers. In fact MSO’s origins actually date back over 20 years, as the division grew out of the McLaren Customer Care Programme that was set up in the early 1990s to service, maintain and personalise the McLaren F1 for owners.

Today MSO still offers an unrivalled level of knowledge and expertise on the McLaren F1, but as its unique tailoring service for McLaren customers continues to expand and the division embraces an unprecedented period of growth, five new tiers now identify the levels of bespoke work available from McLaren Special Operations. 

Through MSO Defined, MSO Bespoke, MSO Limited, MSO Heritage and MSO Programmes, McLaren Special Operations is able to offer the complete tailoring of any McLaren model. Whether it’s a custom paint colour with matching stitching for a 650S, the personalisation of your McLaren F1, a dream to build a one-of-a-kind vehicle using our unique carbon fibre chassis, or the wish to experience McLaren’s most powerful model ever, the new McLaren P1™ GTR, McLaren Special Operations can accommodate every customer request. 

McLaren Special Operations offers a near limitless level of tailoring to its customers through the MSO Bespoke tier. It may be a unique exterior paint, or a personalised interior with custom leather and stitching colours. Or a customer could utilise the unique carbon fibre chassis of their McLaren to create a one-off vehicle specially designed and engineered with a unique body. 

The possibilities within the realms of MSO really are endless, and since the launch of the 650S, 20 per cent of vehicles built at the McLaren Production Centre have featured MSO Bespoke content. Approximately 95 per cent of all McLaren P1™ hypercars have been personalised through the MSO Bespoke service, with customised items including 24-carat-gold heatshields around the engine bay, inspired by the famous McLaren F1.