‘Can I please have an egg white omelet?’ The correct answer should be ‘no you cannot’. Why, you ask? Egg yolks are a great source of vitamin D which is one of the many vital nutrients your body needs; and the list of deficiencies from lack of will make you realize that a lifestyle change must be implemented. We live in a region where the sun is shining nearly every day, but most of the population suffers from this deficiency because of how much we avoid the sun. 

Low levels of vitamin D can cause depression, weight gain, and weak bones. Ten minutes in the sun, with sun protection, of course, is all you need daily to escape the risk of having low vitamin D levels. Also, some dietary changes should be made to stay healthy and safe. Add some salmon, fish oils, and egg yolks into your diet to increase your vitamin D intake. Regular consultation with your physician is always recommended.