That’s right! Fanny Packs are back and more complex in design than ever. This practical invention will leave you thinking twice about why you ditched your waist bag in the first place. From Paris Street Style to New York Fashion Week, we have finally given Fanny Packs the chance to prove the world wrong, recreating this statement to leave its mark in the modern world of fashion.

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Designers such as Chanel, Alexander Wang, and Valentino have taken a step back to recreate the waist satchel, rejuvenating its reputation; this fashion statement is allowing trend-setters across the world to add a youthful twist to their outfits. Back in the 80’s, fanny packs were a hit, they were known for their bright neon colors mainly, try staying away from that in this era of fashion. Leaning towards more steady colors, sizes, and patterns is the key.