For all of us who live and breathe fashion, we know that inspiration comes in many shapes and forms. Al Ostoura, Kuwait’s favorite high fashion multi-brand chain, seeks to shed light on the industry’s behind-the-scenes inspirations, those who have shaped and shifted the fashion industry every single day of their careers – sometimes without even realizing. A perfect example is this issue’s fashion tale, the story of a woman with an exquisite sense of style and direction: Francesca Bianco.

Commercial Director, Personal Shopper, and Fashion Guru, Bianco has rubbed shoulders with some of the most prominent names in fashion, including Jean Paul Gaultier, Cedric Charlier, Antonio Marras and many others. In the words of the woman herself, this is Francesca Bianco as told through Al Ostoura.

Meet Francesca Bianco! 

I was born in Italy in a home with a soul of creativity. I understood the language of fashion as soon as I learnt how to talk. My mother, Nikla, was my very first muse. She was liberal, unique in her choice of attire, evolving in sync with the designers of the times. With her charm and handmade hats, she was, as I will always imagine her, an absolute star. My father, an art dealer, only instilled what I already knew: the world of color and fabric was my destiny.

When I turned 18, I was launched directly into the heart of fashion as I started working at Callaghan, the collection by Romeo Gigli. That job became my very first love, and the place where I knew for certain that fashion and art are so deeply intertwined.

After working at EMPORIO ARMANI for some time after that, I joined Zamasport in 1994 to become the Commercial Director of Callaghan. I worked there for over 15 years throughout which the company witnessed tremendous success, producing and distributing for brands like Costume National, Helmut Lang, Romeo Gigli, Callaghan, Kathrine Hammett and later Gucci.

In 2004, I was approached by another group called AEFFE by Alberta Ferretti where I worked closely with the one and only Jean Paul Gaultier; a time of many inspiring stories and triumphs that spread over the course of over 12 years.

But no matter how much time passed, my entire being remained engrossed in fashion. So, I Kept my Commercial Director hat on, and went on to work closely with the incredible Cedric Charlier, Antonio Marras, and others.

More recently, I collaborated with Paolo Rossello, the owner of P.A.R.O.S.H., the home of some of the most mature fashion creations, well-loved and celebrated worldwide. In between projects, my beloved Italy, my home in Brazil and the rest of the world, I’m excited as to what the future may bring. But I know for sure, that if it’s in fashion, then it’s meant to be.

Bianco’s Favorite Day Look

ETRO: “Every day is a good day for a dress and a headscarf. Prints add a hint of optimism to a busy work day.”

LOEWE: “I absolutely love this jacket. Effortlessly chic, comfortable and perfect for a dynamic woman, hoping to gracefully seize the day. I would pair it with a long T-shirt that can hang nicely over a denim skirt”

“I take my shopping outfits very seriously. I like to make a statement with a splash of color, and comfortable pastel shoes to match.”

“If I decide to take the town, I like long dresses with a vibrant color. This Alberta Ferreti dress is my current favorite.”

“Evenings at my home with a special guest or two usually call for a comfortable Alberta Ferreti statement dress, hiding a comfy pair of flipflops to match. Of course, no look is complete without the perfect handbag.”

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