What’s not to love about beaches, sunshine, coconuts and poolside conversations. This place has a reputation for just being a honeymoon destination, but that’s not true at all. Well, it sure is a nice place for honeymooners, but for family and friends as well! There’s definitely lots to do. Pack your swimsuits and get ready to relax.

Sunrise yoga is a popular activity if you’re an early-riser, if not there’s always sunset yoga! After your AM workout it’s time for a hearty breakfast. We cannot even begin to describe the freshness of the fruits! After breakfast it’s time to hit the beach. When we say there’s something for everyone, we mean it. If you have a passion for beach activities, then you’re in luck. Diving, snorkeling, and fishing for the ones who are in touch with mother nature. However, for those who can sense mother nature telling them they need to work on their tan, you can lay by the pool and order your favorite iced coffee and just relax. Now, for everyone’s favorite part, and we don’t mean dinner, more beach activities but not wild-life related. Jet-skiing, parachuting, parasailing, grab your partner or friend and get ready to jump in and enjoy the fun.

After all these activities we’re really in need of a massage. With over 20 different spa treatments it’ll be harder to choose a massage than choosing your nail polish color of the week. Post-massage you must be hungry, good news it’s time for dinner. Book your chef and private dinner for the night on the beach or join the rest of your friends at one of the top restaurants at any of the resorts you are staying at, we swear by them, all of them, and this isn’t even an advertisement!

Rainy days call for a day of indoor activities. Hit the gym and catch up on your workouts while the weather clears up. Or maybe take a cooking class at the resort’s top restaurant. Why not learn to cook Indian food on a rainy day? Being taught by a top chef is much better than an online tutorial, trust us.

Now it’s time to do your research and book that plane ticket!