Tom Ford introduces this woody marine oud fragrance with key ingredients including Salty Seaweed, Pink Peppercorn, Oud Blend, Styrax, Ambergris Accord, and Fir Balsam, to allow the consumer to combine oud scents with fresher ones for a new dimension.

Private Blend Oud Minérale merges the mystifying grip of rare and precious Oud with the fresh exuberance of the ocean, capturing the refreshing play of surf and sea against the burning flame of smoked wood. Tom Ford’s reinvention of Oud marks an olfactive watershed that pairs two of the world’s most intriguing elements to reveal tonalities both exhilarating and powerfully transcendent.

The vitality and force of the ocean is immediate. Bright pink peppercorn spikes the opening with the rhythmic gleam of sea spray, an unexpected invitation to embrace the unknown.

A salty spell of seaweed submerges the heart with marine inflections as the elements of water and wood merge as one. The earthy balance of fir balsam unlocks new compelling facets of the Oud, capturing the breathtaking beauty of salt and air bleaching the arid earth.

From flickering sunlit surfaces to complex depths, the addictive pull of ambergris accord lures deeper through the wild aquilaria trees. Blended with the dynamic warmth of styrax, this resinous tension imparts a lasting impression that’s both inviting yet adventurously enigmatic.