Tots Adorbs! According to Urban dictionary… but did you mean Totes? These bags are the lifesavers that every girl should own, well at least one. We love micro handbags but it’s so hard to pick your most needed items when you are in a rush or have a full day out. What if I need that red lipstick I haven’t worn since last Christmas! Or what if I decide to read a romance novel which I bought 2 years ago in the middle of my corporate meeting? We need big bags to carry all the items we… umm… need?

A lot of high street stores have a lot of options. Some usually have basic leather ones that are perfect for every day needs, while other stores have gorgeous pieces that can definitely make it to dinner. We love all the initialed totes from Goyard of course, recently Bottega Veneta, and now the most wanted, the Christian Dior!