Located in the shadows of Sierrra Helda mountains in Spain, with a breathtaking sea view and the comfort of luxury hospitality, SHA Wellness Clinic offers the most outstanding, internationally renowned experts in nutrition, preventive medicine, anti-ageing, genetics, holistic medicine, dermo aesthetic medicine, regenerative medicine, revitalizing medicine, physical and sports activity, psychology, dentistry, bioenergetic medicine and cognitive stimulation, among others.

From boosting your immune system, to adopting all the innovative safety measures, to developing very strict protocols and launching an e-health app, get to know with us Aljandro Bataller, who in 2007 has joined forces with his family to launch the SHA Wellness Clinic, now a worldwide reference in heath and well-being.

– Congratulations on the reopening of SHA, but tell me, how can your clients be assured that they will be in a safe, Covid Free, environment once they reach you?

AB: In the industry of hospitality and wellness, at the moment, we may be one of the most innovative property with our safety measures and we are still not allowed to say we are Covid Free even with all the measure and protocols.

Having said that, please note that our protocol starts from the moment our clients confirm their reservations.

There is a prescreening that takes place before boarding whereby we ask our guests if they have gone through Covid, been exposed to anyone who has gone through Covid, and if they have developed antibodies. Furthermore, we are doing the PCR test for all our guests one week prior to arrival.

Once our clients arrive, our driver picks them up ensuring that their luggage is sanitized and that they are safely transported to our premises. The driver is asked to report if any of the guests were showing symptoms.

Upon arriving to SHA, we conduct an immunity test and check our guests’ temperature constantly.

In our premises, we have worked with our scientific committee to put in place all the latest, state of the art, equipment and methods to keep our premises sanitized while maintaining the necessary social distancing. Furthermore, we have assigned one of our buildings for any possible Covid cases. As such, if we suspect a case, the guest will be asked to remain in their suite in that building, which is as equipped and luxurious as all our premises, until we test and make sure.

– For those who don’t want or cannot travel to you, I heard SHA has taken the opportunity during the lockdown to develop an e-Heatlh program bringing SHA to their homes! Can you explain that to me please

AB: This is an idea we had in mind for a long time. Wellness is more than just a place you go to for a week to clean your body; it is a lifestyle. It is a place where you go and make the decision to evolve your lifestyle and take with you the knowledge to become the manager of your own health.
For that to happen, the methods of that should be tempting, effective and your should receive the knowledge. In our case we give as much information as possible for the guests to leave with the knowledge they need to improve their wellbeing. The last step is also following up with the guests. In the next five years we are hoping to have devices with great technology that give us the right screening for our guests; be it a watch or a bracelet. With that, guests still need experts to interpret the readings of the device, hence our strong belief that telemedicine will evolve a lot in the years to come. We want to keep supporting people while they are home for when you make a decision to change your lifestyle; it is important to have guidance from top doctors from all over the world.
Currently with SHA e-health, our guests can book a consultation based on their needs.

– I know, from firsthand experience, how amazing all your programs are, but right now, while we are all still concerned with Detox, Weight loss and Rejuvenation, there is one more concern on everyone’s mind, How to boost Our Immune system. Tell us more please about this program at SHA

AB: We have been working with immunotherapy since we launched twelve years ago and now it is needed more than ever. In SHA we take this matter very seriously. Nutrition is a key factor for immunotherapy, stress management, sleep quality and exercise. The first pillar is lifestyle and the second pillar involves many different techniques to help you boost your immunity.
The first step would be to have a test that allows you to see exactly how your immunity is and which are your strongest and weakest points in order to work with them to adopt the ideal lifestyle and to use a personalized combination of techniques including ozone therapy, serum therapy, stem cells and infrared therapy. Our guests can include the immunity pack with any goal they come to achieve.
Online consultations with immunity experts are also available.

– I know you have had a number of highly selective Kuwaitis joining the SHA throughout the years, what would like to say to them?

AB: My message would be to look at this situation as an opportunity. Tough times in life are always times for personal evolution. I truly believe that now we are presented by a great opportunity to focus on improving our lifestyle into a healthier direction.
This has been a lesson for everyone especially for science and conventional medicine and definitely a lesson that we are responsible for our own health, it is not something that we can rely on others for. Others can help, but ultimately it is our own responsibility to take care of our health, our vitality, and as such we need to take matters into our own hands.

About SHA Wellness Clinic:

• The SHA 360º method brings together the latest advances in scientific medicine and the most effective natural therapies, giving special prominence to healthy and balanced nutrition. The combination has a much more significant impact than would any of these approaches on their own. The method provides an ideal state of health to enjoy all your intrinsic physical and mental potential
• SHA Nutrition is a healthy, energetic and balanced diet inspired by millennia-old principles, adapted to modern life. It is a practical and attractive approach, respecting nature’s seasonal and regional offerings, and customized for each guest’s needs. It follows the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the most recent studies by top universities in the field, such as Harvard Medical School and the Cornell Nutritional Studies Unit
• SHA Wellness Clinic is continuously innovating and developing its medical offering, launching new units dedicated to areas including bioenergetics and regenerative medicine, and procedures such as Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Live Blood Analysis
• SHA Wellness Clinic has become a global name synonymous of medical advances and pioneering programs, certified through the almost 100 international awards received during its 10 years of existence, from prestigious institutions including Conde Nast Traveler Awards, Spafinder Wellness, Travel + Leisure, Thermage Black Diamond Award, Spa Diamond and Connoisseur Circle awards