Born in Milan in 1973 Stefano cultivates his passion for fashion and sense of aesthetics thanks to the environment of his day-to-day living. With his grandparents owning a fur atelier in the center of Milan, and another part of his family working in the fabric industry, Stefano used to spend many hours of his post school watching and talking with tailors and designers.

Who is Stefano Gaudioso Tramonte? Corneliani’s Style Director, and A Man of Movement and Style

In this way, he developed a sense of curiosity and a sort of love for this “magic” world. He completed his education in a Swiss college where he learned the profound sense of respect for discipline and of the environment that are now an important part of his character.

Stefano started working at the age of 22 in the Ermenegildo Zegna Group where he stayed for more than 15 years covering different roles, from sales to brand management and finally to product development and merchandising. In this last role, he found the right balance between his creative and his commercial side and was able to further develop his professional skills and his vision.

Having lived his life in many different European countries, he developed a passion for travelling and for discovering new cultures, his attention is always attracted by “intelligent” design, pop art and he loves cars and motorbikes.

What’s your top tip for travelling light yet remaining stylish on arrival?

It depends if I travel for business or pleasure. When I travel for business, I usually wear a Corneliani deconstructed and unlined blue suit in a special and exclusive fabric called Flawless. It is a wool Super 160’s fabric, which, by employing nanotechnology to treat the yarn, becomes waterproof, anti-stain and non-creasing. All these characteristics allow me to get off the plane and be ready to go directly to my appointments. On the other hand, when I travel for pleasure I prefer a pair of 5 pockets trousers and a t-shirt or, for the long range trip my favorite uniform are the Corneliani style & freedom garments: a special offering of sweatshirts, joggers and knitted sweaters, all crafted from upscale materials that reflect the more sporty and casual part of my soul.

What essentials always find their way into your case?

My style is very simple, and my rule is “less is more”. So, in my case you will always find a pair of my straight leg vintage Levi 501’s, a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers.

How do you stay in touch while you’re on the move? iOS or Android? And what’s your solution to the constant power-drain?

I always have my Android device with me, smartphones are the best ways to be always connected! Of course, the charge is a problem, that’s why I always have a garment from the Corneliani Connected Style Capsule with me, a series of iconic pieces, – including a zippered jacket, a field style, a backpack, a small travel bag and a computer case, – which, behind an elegant and refined look, hide a high-tech soul. Each item includes a customized power bank, which through electromagnetic induction, enables to recharge the mobile phone in the pocket of a jacket or a bag. The one I prefer more is a backpack because it is more suitable with my style. I use it both for business and pleasure trips!

Vacation destination for 2019?

I haven’t decided yet. I love, when I have free time, to discover new places. But for sure I will spend some days in Greece in Spetses island where I have a family house, it’s my second home where I can totally enjoy my family and relax away from everyday life.

Who packs your case? Would you entrust this to anyone other than yourself?

No one is allowed to pack my case! I do it personally. I love to select what to bring with me. Moreover, my style is very essential, so I’m sure not to pack unnecessary stuff!