Amouage introduces ‘Truly’, a captivatingly quaint addition to the Midnight Flower Collection of candles and complementary room sprays. First launched in 2013, the Midnight Flower Collection celebrates the meaningful moments we cherish in life. Created by Amouage Creative Director, Christopher Chong, the Collection today includes ‘Hope’, ‘Love’, ‘Happy’, ‘Smile’, ‘Joy’, ‘Sassy’ ‘Peace’ and now ‘Truly’.

Burning with warmth and romance, the scent is inspired by a weekend in the countryside. A floral bouquet, ‘Truly’ emanates with top notes of Lily. At its heart Benzoin is blended with the deep spice of Clove to recreate a fireplace’s cozy warmth. With Sandalwood at its base, ‘Truly’s fragrance brings the charm and warmth of a sunlit forest, indoors.

“I wanted to recreate a Jane Austen moment. Truly is the scent of a woman, an enchanting yet independent author of her own story. Inspired by a 19thcentury literary genre filled with tenderness and excitement, I created this home fragrance to illuminate a moment of her sitting by the fire, reading stories of a tender heart full of charm,” said Chong. “A mixture between floral and wood, the aroma brings back memories of an enamored love.”

Presented in a deep coral glass holder with gold scripture, ‘Truly’ is carefully crafted from the best mineral wax that diffuse the strongest possible aroma for a generous 40 hours. The room spray is blended to give maximum effectiveness and leave any room with a rich trail of opulence which lingers for hours. 

The Midnight Flower Collection of candles and room sprays is available at Amouage’s standalone stores in Muscat, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Manama, Jeddah, Kuwait City, Doha, Kuala Lumpur, London, and Rome.