For its Spring/Summer 2018 assortment, TUMI, the leading international brand of premium travel, business and lifestyle accessories, captures the imagination of intrepid individuals who seek both style and functionality for their lives on the move. By working with a global influencer – filmmaker, Ali F. Mostafa – TUMI has engaged its latest generation of inspiring individuals.

The introduction of the new seasonal campaign coincides with the unveiling of the newly updated iconic Alpha Bravo collection. The refined Alpha Bravo collection features new styles and colors for a sleek, modern look, heightening the experience of global citizens on their personal journeys.

Passions Arabia Tumi Ali Mostafa - 3

From the UAE, filmmaker and producer Ali F. Mostafa has long been recognized throughout his career for invaluable contributions to Emirati cinema. As one of the pioneers of the Emirati film industry, Ali F. Mostafa gained recognition for his directorial talent with UAE box office hit, City of Life. Named ‘Best Emirati Filmmaker’ at the 2009 Dubai International Film Festival and ‘2010 Young Filmmaker of the Year’ by Digital Studio magazine. Ali F. Mostafa’s latest feature, The Worthy premiered at the BFA London Film Festival and received a gala premiere at the Dubai Film Festival in 2016, opening to widespread critical acclaim.

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