This Spring, TUMI brings its elevated design, luxurious materials, and refined functionality to the forefront with premium bag and travel collections. From the ultra-modern relaunched Arrivé to the sporty Ashton and cutting-edge 19 Degree Aluminum, explore the world of TUMI luxury through its latest campaign with popular Saudi Arabian influencer Dr. Hassan Ghoneim.

A dentist by trade, Dr. Hassan is a passionate traveler and part-time influencer known throughout Saudi Arabia and the Middle East for his impeccable style. With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram (@hassanghoneim) and an impressive Snapchat base, Dr. Hassan was named to Esquire Middle East’s first-ever Influencers of The Gulf issue in 2018. Travel has been and continues to be a central part of Dr. Hassan’s life – reflecting his shared love of travel and family, TUMI’s new campaign documents Dr. Hassan’s memorable journey traveling alongside his brother to Punta del Este, Uruguay. Outfitted with the brand’s newly relaunched Arrivé collection and TUMI’s Spring 2019 styles; here we learn about his passion for travel, matched only by his passion for Tumi… 

Where does your passion for travel come from? 

Ever since I was a child I always travelled with parents for mid-year holidays, Eid vacations and summer vacations. This introduced me to a love of traveling and exploring the world. 

What is travel? The destination, or the entire journey? 

The entire journey. 

Where was your first memorable journey to? Tell us a little about it. 

The first journey that I remember was to Los Angeles. I was 8, and it was my first time to visit Disneyland – I guess that’s why it stuck in my memory! 

Where was your most recent journey? Tell us a little about it. 

It was to the Maldives, and as I speak to you I’m at the airport now, checked in and on my way back home. It’s a magical destination… like a dream. Crystal clear waters, beautiful weather, white sand and yummy food. 

Upcoming plans for 2019? 

A lot. Another busy year. I’m planning to go to Germany as a guest of the German Tourism Board, as well as to Spain, Italy and Asia. 

What’s hot, and what’s on your bucket list? 

The hottest destinations right now are Mauritius and Brazil. New Zealand and Bora Bora are on my bucket list! 

You choose TUMI. What is unique about the brand and its products? 

Tumi bags are the ultimate in stylish and had bags to suit every travel need for every type of traveller. The aftersale is just amazing too, so once you’re a Tumi user you can’t think of buying anything else because of the quality, durability and customer service. In terms of style, every time I go to a Tumi store I must get something it’s an addiction. Everything screams “BUY ME!” 

Give us some pro packing tips! Traveling light, or covering every eventuality… what are the essentials you’ll never leave home without? 

Every time I pack I keep handy a ‘must-have’ list. Since I travel almost every week I always keep this list on my phone. I never leave home without my Tumi bags and my power bank. 

The Quick-fire Round 

A light-hearted way to learn a little more about the traveller within you… choose one from each: 

Domestic or international? International 

Drive or fly? Fly 

Plane or boat? Plane 

Hunting trip or ski resort? Ski resort 

Hot tub or hot springs? Hot springs 

Auctions or closeout sales? Close out sales 

Art festival or music festival? Music festival 

Spa or gym? Spa 

Nature or indoors? Nature 

Ireland or Hong Kong? Both! 

Africa or Asia? Asia 

Mexico or Monte Carlo? Mexico 

New York City or Vegas? Vegas 

Group travel or alone? Group