Notice how some girls always stick to a dark lip as a daily look? We all wonder how they do it. Pulling off a dark lip is always risky at first, but done correctly you’ll absolutely be in love with it!

First step is prepping your lips, exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub either homemade or store-bought. Done once a week, preferably more often, this step will make any lipstick/lip gloss application much easier. To neutralize your lip color, run a bit of foundation on the lips with a beautyblender. After that, line your lips with a lip liner as that will set your lips and also give them a voluminous look. Apply the lipstick using a lip brush, never apply directly. Blot your lips lightly with a tissue, brush on some Laura Mercier translucent powder, and then apply some more of the same color. Try to pick out a dark lipstick with a blue undertone, that would make your teeth appear pearly white.