William Shakespeare’s legendary masterpiece Romeo and Juliet has inspired Van Cleef & Arpels’ new themed collection, in which the language of love encounters that of gems. The young lovers’ destiny plays out in a Verona of precious stones, in which emerald gardens and flamboyant ramparts shelter their secrets. Imbued with the style of the Italian Renaissance, virtuoso creations translate this eternal passion into High Jewelry.

In over 100 unique pieces ranging from the figurative to the abstract, the new High Jewelry collection offers a brand new vision of Romeo and Juliet, based closely on Shakespeare’s 1597 tragedy. The story is told both through the main characters and the context and setting for their love. The balcony scene, the approaching dawn, the birdsong, gardens and architecture of Verona, along with the finery and costumes of the Renaissance: all seem to come to life in these creations.

To create effects of volume, perspective and relief, the pieces combine different stone cuts, setting techniques and shades, in a constant interplay of geometry and curves. From subtle gradations to Pierres de Caractère that instill a unique emotion, the gems speak the language of the sentiments: it includes the warmth of Mystery Set rubies, the crystalline clarity of diamonds and the deep hue of Colombian emeralds.

The red and blue tones that dominate the color palette are inspired by the coats of arms of the two families: the Capulets for Juliet and the Montagues for Romeo. A blend of the two shades, mauve evokes the passion of the young lovers – united for all eternity – while green echoes the hope that fills their hearts.