There are a few things we wish we’d known when we were younger. They mostly revolve around relationships and what to avoid, but another piece of knowledge we acquired later in life was that ‘all sunglasses are not created equally’. Armed with this lesson years earlier we wouldn’t have spent so much of our hard-earned cash on shades that were good… but just not quite right. Then we discovered VAVA eyewear.

Born out of a fascination for the post-industrial world and the founder’s growing belief of belonging to a post-human age, VAVA strives to represent mankind being in control of the technological world and, at the same time, in control of himself.

In an environment of high-speed culture, turbo capitalism, media overload, digital revolution, ecstasy of consumption, mega trends and accelerated culture, VAVA eyewear represents deceleration, purism and metaphysics. The structure and design of the eyewear is not just physical – think of pollution, dust, UV, etc. – but creative. It permits the wearer the spiritual space to focus on a ‘mind over matter’ asceticism and a personal dose of reinterpreted perspective.

Contemporary; pared back; conceptual; purist; genderless; and visionary. The collection is handmade at a small family-owned Italian factory – VAVA pride themselves on avoiding mass production. This gives them the freedom to create, and to manufacture to the highest standards of quality.

With a tight collection comprising the White Label, Black Label, Red Label, Optical Line, and Collaborations (including one with Rad Hourani), VAVA’s offer is highly curated and singularly unique.

The Frame: each frame is crafted using an eco-friendly acetate from Italian brand Mazzuchelli. It’s made from cotton and wood-pulp and is 100% recyclable. It’s also regarded as the best acetate in the world.

The Lenses: VAVA uses only crystal lenses from Barberini, another Italian brand whose name is a byword for optical excellence. Natural purity of glass = the best optical precision. Got it?

The Shapes: Influenced by the Bauhaus and minimalism. Enough said. The shapes are distinctive, and mark the wearer as someone who lives their life on an altogether higher plane.

The Hinge: yes, the hinge. Whenever you have an issue with your glasses, what’s the first thing to develop a problem? The hinge. VAVA’s solution is the employment of aerospace-grade aluminium and high-grade industrial cutting machines.

The Box: Apple invest millions in the concepts for the boxes of their products. VAVA takes their boxes just as seriously. The innovative box is made of natural rubber and is hinge free. A slim box; an artistic object.

VAVA eyewear is currently available in the Middle East only in the U.A.E. and Lebanon. That means there’s nowhere to buy them in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, nor even Saudi Arabia. This is a situation that surely needs fixing quickly.

If you can’t wait for a remedy to be found and, because you’re not travelling during these COVID-19 afflicted days anyway, you can view the full VAVA collections here.