Walking The Aisle


First the dress, then the hair and makeup, and then the shoes, a final touch to make everything come together magically. The perfect pair of pumps to complete your fairytale wedding. From lace to mesh, from kitty heels to high heels, we bring you the most elegant shoe designs to match your personality.


Every girl has her own taste in shoes whether you like going for a more classic look or an edgy look, it all depends on what you think fits you the most. It can be a bit tricky choosing the perfect pair of heels to match your dress and personality. Luckily a lot of respected designers such as Sophia Webster, Christian Louboutin, Valentino and Charlotte Olympia have presented their buyers with a wide range of bridal footwear collection. Keep in mind you can always mix and match and not necessarily follow wedding traditions by purchasing an all white pair of shoes.

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