Aqua and Terra. These two Latin words not only describe the world beneath our feet, but also the origins of the OMEGA Seamaster collection. In sea and on land, the famous line has been confidently worn and trusted for almost 70 years.

It has been taken from the decks of ships to the floors of oceans. It has travelled across continents and into the collections of the best-dressed men and women. Certainly, the Seamaster has always been the complete lifestyle watch. So, in 2002, when a new model was created, it seemed perfectly natural to give it a name that represented the heritage and versatility that the Seamaster was known for. Hence, the Aqua Terra was born. 15 years later, it has evolved to become one of OMEGA’s quintessential pieces. Striped across its dial like the decks of luxury yachts, it has the look, and now the proven precision, to take you anywhere you want to go.

Omega Seamaster