Just as the name states dry body brushing is when you literally take a brush and dry brush your body! Does is sound weird to you? This technique has been around for a while and has great benefits for your skin and blood circulation.
Let’s be honest here – most creams that say they remove cellulite do not work. Studies have shown that many people who dry body brush regularly have witnessed improvements in their skin and less visible cellulite.

To make it easier, here are some benefits of dry body brushing:
– Exfoliation
– Lymphatic support
– Reduces cellulite
– Reduces pores
– Gives an energy boost

How to body brush? – Simple! Dry brushing can be done daily over the whole body, preferably in the morning before showering. Start with a gentle brush and soft pressure. Work up to a firmer brush and more firm pressure over time. As a good rule of thumb, always brush toward the center of the body. Start with the outer tips of your body and brush up or inwards towards your chest area and over time you will see softer, smoother and healthier looking skin.

How to choose the correct brush? – We recommend one with the long handle as it makes it easier to reach our backs but when it comes to the bristles, natural is the way to go but soft or medium bristles depend on your skin type. We advise people to start with soft and work their way from there. Replace your brush when you see it is starting to wear out and we also recommend you wash it every few weeks to remove the dead skin cells.

Here is what to look for: