Our essential guide. What not to miss in October.

Top Pick –

Saudi Design Week (above)

What: Design show

Where: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

When: 5 – 8 October 2017

This year’s theme explores the concept of “Design in Motion”. Designers will study that sense of motion figuratively by showcasing the stories behind their products as they move from sketch to shelf, or seek a more literal understanding by exploring the intersection of design and sports, and even motion in design through multiple dimensions such as time.


Best of the rest:

Mohamed Abouelnaga

What: Art exhibition

Where: Dar al Funoon, Kuwait

When: 9 – 28 October 2017

Mohamed Abouelnaga is a multidisciplinary visual artist, art professor, curator and developer. Throughout his colorful career, he created award winning art projects, fulfilled his responsibility towards his community and brought up new generation of young artists with his teaching, workshop and his multitude of practices.


Dar al Athar al Islamiyyah

What: Cultural season

Where: Various venues across Kuwait

When: thru’ May 2018

Now launching its 23rd annual cultural season, DAI has always presented a veritable selection of activities to inspire individuals from all walks of life and every interest imaginable, these activities include: lectures, concerts, educational opportunities, workshops, cultural excursions, film screenings, theatrical productions, and special events.


Scouting For Girls

What: Rock, pop, jazz

Where: Dubai Opera

When: 20 October 2017

Celebrating a decade together English pop rock band, Scouting For Girls, will be playing a special gig at Dubai Opera on 20 October. Bringing an electric atmosphere to Dubai Opera for our first ever fully flat-floor concert, sing-along to She’s So Lovely, Heartbeat and many more!


Tamawuj – An unpredictable expression of human potential

What: Part of Sharjah Biennial 13

Where: Beirut Art Center, Lebanon

When: opens 14 October 2017

Rather than asking for solutions and sketching utopias, an unpredictable expression of human potential seeks to respond to the present global moment, one in which a paradigmatic shift can be tasted in the air, where young people are frustrated and protesting against decisions imposed on them by older generations, to an inheritance they did not ask for and did not shape.