Sabry Marouf is a creative partnership working in hand bags and fine jewellery. From their East London studio and with their network of artisans in the UK, Italy, Spain and Egypt, Ahmed Sabry and Daki Marouf, London College of Fashion alumni, create modern day wearable artefacts that pay tribute to their heritage. Ancient Egypt combines with modern expression for a new kind of storytelling. 

A question Sabry Marouf ask themselves is: “Where will our pieces be in 100 years’ time?” The notion of timeless, cherished objects distinguishes their philosophy. like treasures from a royal tomb, Sabry Marouf pieces have a feeling of being discovered. Beguiling and coded, their shape may come from an inverted mask, hieroglyph or the fortuitous scarab, an emblem of renewal and protection. 

Merging the latest processes with artisanal hand technique, Sabry Marouf pieces are a result of tireless research and development – A vision that the designers continue to pursue – Is to break out of the conventions. The bags are unique shapes within the tradition of traditional leather goods so the designs and processes required considerable development. Custom bioplastics have been developed to feel like rare materials such as Alabaster and rose quartz, and utilise sustainably sourced Acacia and Olive woods, whilst the bags feature bespoke hardware in recycled brass, handworked wood and sustainably sourced Italian leathers. 

In 2019, Sabry Marouf was the recipient of the prestigious Fashion Trust Arabia prize, with a year long mentorship in collaboration with retailer The brand has most recently been chosen to show some of its key pieces at Vogue Italia’s 10th anniversary celebration alongside LVMH Prize winner Thebe Magugu and other designers such as JW Anderson. The designers are part of the latest cohort from the Centre for Fashion Enterprise ‘Fash-Tech Pioneer’ programme, which supports entrepreneurs who want to redefine the future of the industry. 

These timeless Sabry Marouf creations can be found at AlOthman Fashion Store in Salmiya.