A man for whom style is at the very heart of everything he does – be that business, sports or in his role as a stylist, Yacob Alali is our go-to for tips and advice.

A certified personal stylist for celebrities and social media influencers in the Middle East, Yacob studied in London College of Fashion and the Milan Fashion Campus. 

He’s a sportsman – a professional tennis player – and adds to this through his role as the Chairman of the KOC Tennis Committee. 

Combining his career as a full-time petroleum engineer, he also finds time to spare as a part-time fashion stylist as is a constant traveller, naming three of the world’s most stylish city’s as his favoured destinations: New York City, Milan and Paris. 

Musically his tastes are eclectic, you’ll find him plugging in and listening to pop, rock, alternative rock, house, techno, hiphop, Latino, guitar and violin. We think that’s the finest genres covered. 

What are you wearing tonight? 

Smart casual outfit. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

There are a lot of styles with different dress code that I favour, and I love all kinds of style. However, I will always make sure I add my touch to it which will match me and my personality. A few style to highlight: dandy, smart, creative, elegant, fit, sporty, classic, street, casual. 

Where are today’s Gulf-men on their style journey? Are we nailing it, or way off-trend? 

Yes and no. Fashion awareness in the Gulf region has increased over the past ten years and social media has played an important role in this regard. However, a total awareness of fashion is still not there yet, but we’re not way off-trend. With time the awareness will increase even more over the next five years. Mindset, religion and culture could be constraints for the growth of fashion within some parts of society. 

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received? 

Dress for the occasion. 

Who is the most fashionable guy you know? 

There are a lot, and it depend on the style. It would he hard to find someone who nails all type of style. But I admire a number of actors and models including: 

Johannes Huebl 

David Beckham 

Harvey Specter (Suits TV show) 

David Gandy 

Neal Caffrey (White Collar TV show) 

Can you give us the top habits of a stylish man… 

1. Self-care 

2. Self-improvement 

3. Risk taking 

4. Confidence 

5. Creativity 

6. Good observation 

You’ll find the results of Yacob’s passions and styles manifested on Instagram here: @jacob_alali