We’ve been sitting with the new coronavirus on our minds for weeks on end now, writes Zaina Al-Ghabra, aka Zaina Zumba, many of us trapped, disinfecting our hands, homes and social lives more with each passing day. Never before has a virus so suddenly halted the world that pollution levels would drop and the Earth would desperately have a moment to heal. Within all the information and misinformation out there, always remember that you can do so much more for yourself. 

Here’s my top 10 ways to be bulletproof at a time like this: 

1: Be mindful. Take all precautions for your health and of those around you. Extra caution around the elderly and those with autoimmune disease. 

2: Find a good probiotic; there’s been a lot of talk surrounding gut health. Our gut is the center of our universe, so much that it is referred to as the “second brain,” dictating illness, disease, weight gain, even mood. There are 100 trillion microbes living in our gut, the good ones thrive off of plant fibers found in some fruits, veggies and foods while the bad bacteria thrive on sugar and processed foods. 

3: Eat colorful salads regularly; my go-to method. Tingly throat, sniffled nose, a colorful salad a day is almost always a shield of protection. Colorful meaning dark leafy greens splashed with white, red, purple, green, orange and yellow foods; paint your salads to eat your nutrition. 

4: Add superfoods. Sprinkle on salads, smoothies, oats or coffee. Some handy superfoods: chia seeds, spirulina powder, medicinal mushrooms, bee pollen, maca powder, wheatgrass, chlorella and sprouts. 

5: Avoid antibiotics. They kill all the bacteria, the good and the bad. Watch out for doctors who prescribe antibiotics for viral infections when they’re meant for bacterial infections. 

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6: Eat from home. Something we should be doing more often regardless of corona. 

7: Coconut oil is magic; internally and externally with its antibacterial, antifungal AND antiviral properties. Add to your morning coffee or smoothie for a wide range of benefits. 

8: Herbal teas. Dandelion tea, chamomile and mullein tea. Mullein is excellent for those with respiratory issues like asthma. It’s highly recommended for smokers to clear lungs and decrease risk of coronavirus. 

9: Do what makes you happy. Cooking, knitting, walking, reading, dancing, sweating. Figure it out and sprinkle all over your week. Learn new things via YouTube. 

10: MOVE; exercise changes your mind and your health! While you’re quarantined find what you enjoy in movement and incorporate that in your daily living. YouTube has amazing videos and tutorials on almost any fitness related topic. 

Looking on the bright side of all this, pollution levels have decreased and dolphins return to Venice for the first time in 60 years. Take care of yourselves and others. If you found this article helpful, share it and spread the health! 

Who is Zaina Zumba? Dancer, trainer, coach, Muay Thai girl, fitness enthusiast, cake lover, fruit queen, and dog mom, Zaina Al-Ghabra (a.k.a Zaina Zumba) is our new fitness guru at PassionsArabia.com! Let’s learn a little more about the background and ethos of Zaina, our number one go-to for well-considered fitness advice! Read more here